Journal Submissions

Submission Instructions


We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Submissions can be sent digitally, in Word format, to our editors at All submissions should include the following three files:

  1. The manuscript in Word format.
  2. An anonymous version of the manuscript in Word format. Only this version will be sent for peer review, and thus, should not contain information that may reveal the author’s identity. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure the submission is anonymous. This may also include refraining from publicising the manuscript online until after peer review.
  3. A curriculum vitae for each author.

Guidelines For Manuscripts

  • All manuscripts, whether solicited or unsolicited, should be between 8,000 to 12,000 words including footnotes (excluding abstract).
  • All manuscripts should include a 300 word abstract.
  • Exclusivity is expected. We will not accept manuscripts under review or that have been published elsewhere. The exception to this is if the article has been previously published in a different language.
  • Submissions must contain footnotes rather than endnotes. Footnotes should be in conformity with OSCOLA 4th Edition, with the following amendment.
    • CJEU cases should be cited by referring to the relevant ECLI, rather than referring to the official report or notice in the OJ.
  • We only accept manuscripts that are written in English. However, we fully appreciate the dynamic and wide-ranging nature of European Union law. In order to give thorough treatment to all perspectives, we strongly encourage the use of non-English sources where possible.

Copyright Information for Authors


All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. Author’s therefore retain the right to distribute and share their articles after publication. Credit must be given where appropriate, with an indication whether changes have been made to the article.

Author’s may also publish unedited articles on SSRN, Academia, or similar databases before publication. However, the author is responsible to ensure this does not hinder the anonymity of the peer review process.

Blog Submissions

Blog Submission Instructions


The GJEL Forum is our official blog and serves as an extension of the journal. We welcome engaging blog posts within the scope of EU law. Blog submissions can be sent (in Word or PDF format) to our editors at

When submitting your post, please provide a one/two-line biography, including any social media handles you may wish to add.

Blog Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should be well-written and engaging, with a focus on adding something original to the blogosphere. Referencing other authors’ posts on the same subject from other blogs for the purpose of discussion is welcomed and encouraged, as we highly appreciate submissions to be of an interactive nature.
  • We recommend keeping to a length somewhere between 500 to 1500 words. This is not a strict criterion and we gladly welcome lengthier submissions (although we may choose to divide them into multiple posts).
  • Please make use of hyperlinks. We will not consider submissions with footnotes or endnotes. Don’t shy away from contacting us if unsure how to link a certain source.