Review Process

  1. Step 1

    In-house screening

    Submitted manuscripts are firstly screened by the editors, who will determine whether the article is suitable for publication. Suitability does not only depend on whether the manuscript meets the high-quality requirements, but also whether the submission falls within the scope of the journal. Authors will be informed no longer than one month after submission whether their manuscript will proceed to peer review.
  2. Step 2

    Double-blind peer review

    After the in-house assessment, the submission will undergo double-blind peer review. In this stage the manuscript will be checked for accuracy, analytical reasoning and originality.
  3. Step 3

    Amendment period

    The author will be informed of the outcome of the review. Based on the suggestions of the reviewers, the author may be asked to make necessary changes to the manuscript before publication.
  4. Step 4

    Copy editing

    As a last step, the manuscript will undergo copy editing. At this point, the content of the article is no longer under assessment, and only grammatical and stylistic changes are made.

The review process

Once a submission is received by the editors, the review process begins. Authors will be informed of the outcome of the in-house screening no longer than four weeks after submission. We are unfortunately unable to provide a definitive time frame for the subsequent process, as it differentiates per reviewer. However, authors can expect to be informed of the outcome of the peer review within eight weeks

Depending on the peer review, the manuscript will either be:

  • ACCEPTED: no revisions needed.
  • MAJOR/MINOR REVISION NEEDED: Send back for revision in order to be accepted for publication. 
  • REJECTED: the manuscript will not be published.

Manuscripts that are send back for revision continue to be under review. Revised versions are still subject to either an acceptance or rejection.

Once a manuscript is accepted it will undergo copy editing before it is published.